Xanantec Technologies Inc. has been providing quality engineering solutions to our customers for over 20 years. We provide a wide range of electrical, mechanical, and software engineering solutions.

Engineering / Automation (EA)

The EA division specializes in factory, robotics, industrial, and process automation as well as medical, RF, analog, and complex digital PCB level electronic circuit design. We have experience in over 200 hundred projects of every shape and size. These projects include feasibly studies, full design builds, engineering only, assisting with regulatory submission and certification, and just about any other type of industrial, automation, instrumentation, and electronics design project.

In providing our engineering services we utilize some of the best in CAD solutions such as Altium Designer for board level design, EPLAN ProPanel for automation and electrical design, and SOLIDWORKS Premium for all our mechanical engineering.  We also utilize a wide range of PLC development platforms depending on the requirements of the project.

Software Development / IT 

The IT services division provides software development and network design consulting services including enterprise application development over many different platforms and technologies, contract project management, design consulting, as well as network build out supervision and consulting.

Key Industries

- Factory Automation
- Agriculture and Food
- Oil and Gas
- Medical
- Many more


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